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Quad 30ml Juice Pack

Crazy Goat Vapes

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The juices in these sample packs comes pre-steeped for your convenience.

This sample pack contains 4x 30ml bottles. If you don't select 4 individual juices, the goats will select them for you at random. To select your juices, please go to the full details of this product.

Ratio: 70% VG 30% PG

Black Mango  a strong blackcurrant and mango with a cool breeze on the exhale
Inhale: Strong blackcurrant
Exhale: An aftertaste of Mango with a Menthol chill

Blue Balls  blueberries... blueberries... blueberries with a hint of taffy rolled in.
Inhale: Blended sweet Blueberries
Exhale: Taffy/Bubblegum

Bug Brains  strawberry, mango and pineapple hitting you in the face.
Inhale: Strawberry & Mango
Exhale: Pineapple Slushy

Fruity Grenade  an explosion of guava, black cherry & watermelon with a frosty aftertaste.
Inhale: Black Cherry & Guava
Exhale: Watermelon Slushy

Hubbly Bubbly  the most authentic grape bubble-gum you'll ever find.
Inhale: Natural Grapes & Grape Candy blend
Exhale: Hubba Bubba/Bubblegum

Kiwi Berry  a highly complex berries and kiwifruit with a dab of peaches.
Inhale: Kiwifruit & Summer Mixed Berries
Exhale: Peaches & Cream

Marshmallow Madness  rich creamy marshmallows just waiting to be toasted.
Inhale: Vanilla & Strawberry Marshmallows
Exhale: Gooey creamy cake batter mixture with vanilla.

Morning Glory  the perfect juice to go with that morning cuppa.
Inhale: Hazlenut & Cuppuccino
Exhale: Full cream milk straight from the cow.

Pineapple Express  an explosive blend of rich pineapple and mangoes.
Inhale: Creamy Pineapple blend with marshmallows
Exhale: Slight traces of Strawberry & Mango

Raspberry Gloryhole  raspberry & strawberry jam glazed donut.
Inhale: Raspberry & Strawberry
Exhale: Double Glazed and Frosted Donut

That's Cactus  a blend of vibrant exotic fruits from the quenches of the desert.
Inhale: Vibrant Cactus
Exhale: Orange & Tangerine

The Fat New Yorker  smooth creamy cheesecake on a pecan crumble topped with a caramel swirl.
Inhale: Butter Pecan Cheesecake
Exhale: Vanilla Ice Cream with Caramel swirl and some custard on the side.

Gary The Goat  a refreshing lemon/lime zest.
Inhale: Refreshing Lemon
Exhale: Hypnotic Lime zest

Gary The Goat RIP 2011-2017  creamy vanilla ice cream with mixed berry fruity pebbles.
Inhale: Berry Fruity Pebbles
Exhale: Goats Milk Ice Cream

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