You're probably thinking... why the new website?

Well, it’s really quite simple.. Currently in Australia, there is a huge issue with Vaping and providing vape products to minors, well the old website had it’s limitations, and it was impossible to truly restrict sales to under 18s. WELL, We have a solution! 

Before any product gets posted to any customer from our new service, we require you to submit your Drivers License or valid Identification via your My Account portal

This will ensure that:
A: You are who you say you are
B: You are above the legal age of 18 to vape within Australia.

What if I don't submit the required identification?

We will happily refund your money 🙂

What? You're saying you don't want my hard earned money?

I’m sorry, but not if it is risking breaking the law, and adding to statistics that show minors can easily obtain vaping products. The law is the law. 

We are not like other companies, we are very passionate about helping getting people off the smoking, and a single transaction isn’t worth adding fuel to the anti-vaping corporations set out to squash our industry. 

Fine! I'll get my older brothers mate to get me vape products!

Have fun.