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End of Month September 2018

Hey Everyone! 

So, over the month of September, we have been doing some re-structuring of our business, and we have some exciting news for everyone...

As of the 1st of October, we are opening wholesale to other companies, allowing shops to stock our product. We have had a fair bit of interest over the past few weeks, so we have decided to go down that rabbit hole. 

This comes with a few other changes, we are required to re-label to include bar-codes etc into our labeling, so we are taking this opportunity to get those re-designed to a more professional style. We are also switching over to a more 'shop friendly' bottle style, with Tamper Evident caps, and Child Safety lids.

There will also be a slight price increase, and an introduction of a new bottle size. The new prices are as follows (this price rise will include the Gary The Goat range:
30ML = $13.50
60ML = $25
120ML = $35

If you would love to be a stockist of Crazy Goat Vapes, please Contact Us

We will be dropping a few flavors from our range, to be re-developed at a later date and potentially put back into the market. These flavors are:
1. Berry Yummy
2. Cookie Crumble
3. Kiwi Cocktail
4. Sinful Vanilla

There will be a sale during October to sell off the remaining stock of these juices.

From the start of October, we are also going to be removing the Decuple 30ml Juice Pack (10 pack) from our inventory, as this pack really messes up with our quantities, and creates a lot of unnecessary work in the back end, and we would much rather spend that time in creating a better experience for you, the consumer. However, we are keeping the Quad Juice Pack.

We are going to be introducing a few new flavour variations due to popular demand, a Black Mango Lite (Black Mango without cooling) and a Black Mango Strong (A more intense mango flavoring).

These new renditions will be released into the market over the course of October, along with a flavour that we have been working on since the release of Gary The Goat, and it was originally meant to be apart of that line-up, but will be released into our base line as a Pineapple and Lime Ice-Cream titled "Giuntura Di'Lime", as it is inspired by Eehans Italian Heritage. 

We have a competition starting on the 1st of October, which will run for the month of October, as an appreciation type competition to say thanks to our previous and current customers. The competition will have a few entry possibilities, you can comment + share on our Facebook post (coming soon) and our Instagram post (coming soon) and any invoice over the value of $50 will add entries into the competition. To add to this, everyone who has purchased product from us during the month of September, with an invoice total value of $50 or greater, we have added 5 entries PER INVOICE into the draw.

We hope to have your continued support, as we continue to grow bigger and better as Australian Manufacturers and Juice Makers who make their own product. We do this because we absolutely love helping & supporting people. 

From the team here at Crazy Goat Vapes
Meta, Eehan & the Goats.


  • Hi Karen, The 10 pack will be removed at the start of October, yet the 4 pack will remain available.

    Crazy Goat Vapes
  • Hi Meta, Eehan and goats, When will the Decuple pack be removed? Will it still be available till the end of October?

    Karen Williams

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